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Art prints

1 for €12   |   3 for €32   |   5 for €50

EU shipping for free with an order from €50,-

My inkpendrawings bring encouragement and a positive mindset in your home. Little reminders of your dreams, your vision, and the mindset you need, to be the best version of you. I hope that my art will be a source of hope and strength in your life.

- Printed locally in Konstanz on A5 size, 300 gram, recycled paper.

- They will be shipped in a cellophane bag, and a solid cardboard envelope.

- Free shipping in Europe - outside Europe shipping €20.

Fill in the following contact form to order your art prints, and I will get in contact with you to arrange payment and shipping. Also possible by sending me a message on Instagram or Facebook :)

I would like to pay by:

Thank you for your purchache, it means the world to me!

I will try to get in contact as soon as possible!

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