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Welcome to my studio!

I’m Wendy Helmes, an artist born and raised in the Netherlands, now living in the beautiful city of Konstanz, at the Bodensee.

My artwork is all about the beauty and capabilities that we as human have.
I believe that every person is unique and beautifully made and has their own qualities to bring something good into this world.

With my art I would like to display this beauty in each and every person, and it’s my mission to make meaningful art, that inspires you to be the best version of yourself, and through that, contribute to a better world.


I paint people and animals and love to dance the line between abstract and realism. With my art I want to encourage you to live out the best version of yourself, and give you strength to do the things you are meant to do, so we can make the world a better place together.

Check out my artwork here


A first collection of art prints is now available on my website and at the local concept store 's Fachl in Konstanz!

Check out the art prints!


If you are looking for a work specially made for you, send me a message :)

I would love to hear about your ideas, and we can talk about the different options and see if we have a match and work out your idea!

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" Hello Wendy, Every day I am

very happy when I see the painting that you painted. It gives me strength to start the day and start new projects. I have been dreaming of going to the Amazon since I was a child, so your painting really speaks to me. I think your vision for the painting is awesome, and I'm very curious about your new creations."

Camille, Germany


" Hi Wendy, I'm a lucky girl living on one of your paintings now. My partner Ivan surprised me with this incredible gift, you crafted so beautifully. It's such an emotional and empowering gesture, from both of you, thank you so so much! I was speechless after seeing the painting for the first time. Now it feels as it belongs here. I so enjoy the way it is crafted and how it's meant to be. Warm greetings and hugs! "

Alena, Germany


I've ordered one of Wendy's drawing for my sister ans she absolutely loves it. The piece was delivered promptly and with excellent customer service. I highly recommend and I will be ordering more of Wendy's work in the future. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Melanie, France




A second collection of 10 artprints is now available!
Bring spring and summertime in your home with my new collection!


Shop my artprints somewhere

on the following places:


Online via my Website

At the concept store: 's Fachl Konstanz

Local art supplies store: Der Kornbeck in Konstanz


Want to stay tuned? follow on instagram!

There you can find new projects, the process, results, the struggles and happy moments!

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