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Sustainable eyecatchers
for your home!


Hi and Welcome!
Happy and honoured I am, that you are here to have a look at my creations.


I’m Wendy, a self-taught artist, coming from the Netherlands, now living in the beautiful city of Konstanz, at the Bodensee.

I believe that every person is unique and beautifully made and has their own qualities to bring something good into this world.

It’s my mission to make meaningful creations, that inspires you to be the best version of yourself, and through that, contribute to a better world.


My creations

- help you to keep sight on your dreams, values and vision.

- show you that growth, development, and transformation is possible.

- remind you of the qualities you have, to reach your goals.

- encourage you to overcome your fears, and to do what you are meant to do.

- motivate you to take the leap of faith, and just go for it!


I make portraits that can help you on your way to a better version of yourself. It can go about dreams, visions, strengths, fear, balance and courage for example. I hope that through my art as many as possible people feel supported in fully becoming the person they can be. 


Vintage furniture renewed to eyecatchers for your home! Those pieces show you that growth and transformation is possible! They are renewed with environmentally friendly, high quality and durable products. 


If you are looking for a work specially made for you, send me a message :)

I would love to hear about your ideas, and we can talk about the different options and see if we have a match and work out your idea!

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The podcast is online!

The wonderful Ina-Faye from @herbusiness.bodensee visited me in my studio, and we had a interview about my business, female start-ups and creativity. Ina- Faye has her own podcast for and about female entrepreneurs.




" Hello dear wendy, the cabinet has arrived. It's just super beautiful and fits perfectly. It is as described and the color is wonderful too. I keep an eye on your work and I am happy when you have something so beautiful for me again. Best wishes and greetings! "

Claudia, Germany


" We already have bought three furniture pieces from Wendy, two of them were commissioned works. We are impressed by her creativity and professionality. She is using high qualitative materials, works precise and it very helpful and uncomplicated when it comes to transport. Through Wendy's artistry, even an originally ugly shoe cabinet becomes a cool

eye-catcher! I can only recommend."

Anna, Germany


We are so glad with the beautiful handpainted rocking horse that Wendy made for us! I gave Wendy complete freedom to do with it what she thought what would fit to us, and she renewed it in the same style of the birth card! She made it beyond our expectations! Wendy works with passion and love, which you see back in all her creations!

Dorine, the Netherlands

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There you can find new projects, the process, results, the struggles and happy moments!

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