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~ Into the mountains I must go,

to loose my mind and to find my soul ~



Wendy about this painting: "I love the mountains, maybe you as well. They help us to empty our head, to find yourself again, to reflect on life, and to just BE.  We only often forget to go there. To less time, you forget to plan, life is busy.

With my painting ‘mountain serenity’ you bring the mountains inside your home. It remembers you every day that the mountains are important for you, and your wellbeing. This painting symbolises the inner peace that the mountains give you, it brings tranquility inside your home, and it helps you to remember that you should really plan your next trip!" 

'Mountain serenity'

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    Original mixed media oil painting on cotton canvas


    50x70 cm


    Used materials: Acrylic paint, markers, soft pastel


    Made in Konstanz, Germany, 2022



    • One of a kind Original Artwork
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Tracked Courier Delivery